Our Mission:

Oregon Coalition for Educating ANglers (OCEAN) was incorporated in 2005 to educate marine anglers, support conservation of and research on sustainable marine fisheries, and to sponsor and promote activities to assist in marine fisheries management.  In addition to these activities, we promote safety on the water through education.  We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

Our on-going projects:  

  • Waterproof rockfish identification cards are printed and laminated by OCEAN volunteers. Anglers can use this ready-reference card to easily determine which rockfish may be retained, from those that should be released.
  • Salmon identification cards are also produced by OCEAN volunteers. These aid anglers to make quick differentiation so protected salmon can be quickly released.
  • Fish de-hooker devices are purchased by OCEAN and provided to anglers free-of-charge so protected species can be released to the water quickly and safely.
  • Baro-trauma descender devices are purchased by OCEAN and provided free-of-charge to enable anglers to release deep-water species to a depth that will allow a greater chance for survival.
  • OCEAN helps to educate anglers at our annual Saltwater Sportsmen’s Show by demonstrating techniques and devices that will help to conserve endangered and protected species.